25 Nov

Din ciclul “Stiati ca….”: in Olanda exista in mod legal o asociatie a pedofililor, numita “Martijn”. Adica nu numai ca violeaza copii, dar se mai si aduna sa discute despre asta si sa isi dea sfaturi unul altuia… si, ce neasteptat, presedintele acestei asociatii e momentan in inchisoare pentru detinerea de material pornografic cu copii, la fel ca si ultimii 8 presedinti… Asociatia nu poate fi interzisa prin lege, desi unii membrii ai ei sunt cunoscuti la politie si justitie, dar cum nu actioneaza in numele asociatiei, nu se pot lua masuri impotriva ei, desi se considera ca aceasta nu face decat sa promoveze si sa incurajeze pedofilia, care este ilegala.

Insa in sfarsit se pare ca nu se mai poate tolera existenta unor asemenea cluburi si asociatii si se va incerca interzicerea lor prin lege.


Did you know that in the Netherlands there is a legal association of pedophiles, called “Martijn”? Not only do they abuse children, but they also come together to discuss it and to give each other tips…. and, what a surprise, the president of this association is in prison at the moment for owning pronographic material of children, as well as the last 8 presidents… The association cannot be forbidden by law, although some of its members are known by police and justice, but as they do not act on behalf of the association, no measures can be taken against it. Although it is considered to promote and encourge pedophilia, which is illegal.

But it seems that finally the existence of such clubs and associations cannot be tolerated anymore and attempts will be made to forbid them.


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