Little Green Bag (ENGLISH POST)

01 Mar

One of my all time favourite songs is the one in the title: Little green bag. I think it is very cool and I just love it, especially the intro I find very ingenious.

The song belongs to the band George Baker Selection.

And if, although I cannot imagine such a thing, it doesn’t ring a bell for you maybe the video below will? If you like Tarantino or if you have ever seen Reservoir Dogs, I’m sure you’ll remember it. I always watch the beginning of the movie when it comes on tv and wait to hear the song:

And because it is one of my favourite songs, for a long time I couldn’t believe that it’s a Dutch song! And that George Baker isn’t George Baker, but Hans Bouwens!
Reading on the internet I’m even more amazed: it is not only true, but the song was written as a sort of a joke, during only one hour, and it had such success in 1969/1970, that Hans Bouwens was able to quit his job at a factory and make music exclusively.

It is funny to watch the video from back then, still black and white:

But I believe that another song of theirs which was even a bigger hit in 1975 will sound familiar, but let’s be fair, the difference of styles is huge between the two songs, I still can’t believe Little Green Bag is the product of the same band 🙂

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