The ROKJESDAG phenomenon

21 Mar

As the spring has officially begun yesterday (and yes, I am right, this year it has begun on 20.03, not on 21.03),  another Dutch phenomenon (partially, as I understand it is also known in the USA) is being mentioned more often: rokjesdag (skirt day in America).

The word exists already for a longer time and is a synonym for bloesjesdag (blouse day).

Skirt day is, according to writer Martin Bril, who made the phenomenon popular 16 years ago, the first sunny day of spring which is warm enough, around 18° C in the afternoon and not too chilly in the morning,  when all of a sudden a lot of women can been seen on the street wearing skirts and bare legs. It seems so sudden, as if the women have previously agreed on doing this at the same time.

M. Bril  was surprised especially by the apparent spontaneity of this phenomenon, I quote: ” How do all the women know that it is skirt day? No fuss is being made about it, it is not being announced on the radio or tv. So it must be an intuition visiting thousands of women at the same time”.

In the meantime M. Bril has passed away (in 2009), and now the radio and television are trying to determin which day will be skirt day, so that exactly the spontaneity which was the foundation of the whole phenomenon is ruined. The weather forecasters, the press, everyone is announcing “day X  is the skirt day of 2012”.  There is even an app for smartphones called skirt alert.

What they didn’t manage to destroy completely is the fact that there is no certainty. For instance, last week it was said that Thursday March 15th will be suitable for skirt day, but nobody knows if it really happened. According to the newspaper M. Bril was publishing in, skirt day didn’t happend last week, because only a few skirts were spotted,  but there was no mass happening. So maybe skirt day will only be tomorrow, when the weather is predicted to be sunny and warm. Or maybe only in April, because M. Bril was writing that it happens most of the times around April 15th. But I have the idea that spring comes earlier every year, so who knows?


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