Zundert and Vincent van Gogh

25 Aug

You wouldn’t say, especially since I bet most people haven’t heard of it,  but the Dutch village Zundert in the province Noord Brabant is a real treasure.

I will elaborate in the next 3 posts why that is.

1. Vincent van Gogh was born and has spent his childhood in Zundert, which is why there is the “Van Gogh House” museum in Zundert: .

The museum is not full of his paintings, in fact you will not see any of them, and it also is not housed in the former parsonage inhabited by the van Gogh family, because it was demolished a long time ago.

The van Gogh House offers instead in an interesting way informations about the painter and his life with the aid of an audio guide recorded from Vincent’s perspective, together with projected images and several displays. The museum hosts also exhibitions of art inspired by van Gogh.

Signs of the relation to van Gogh are visible throughout Zundert:

This plate states:
“Parental house of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent was born in this place on March 30th 1853. The original house dating back to the 16th century, which was demolished in 1903, as well as the house rebuilt on the same spot in 1904 have served until 1970 exclusively as parsonage. In 1953 a commemorative plaque was unveiled to celebrate Vincent van Gogh’s 100th birthday. It was created by the sculptor Niel Steenbergen.”

A plate about van Gogh’s “aunts”:

A sculpture of Vincent and his brother Theo:

My favourite, in terms of humor, is this stand (across the street from the van Gogh house) where you can buy French fries and which is decorated with van Gogh’s painting “The Potato Eaters”:

Zundert and Auvers sur Oise, the French town nearby Paris where Vincent van Gogh is buried, are twin towns.

People who know this will smile for sure when they will see below sign in Zundert.

Conclusion: if you are a van Gogh fan, put Zundert on your “to do” list.


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2 responses to “Zundert and Vincent van Gogh

  1. Jonathan Pau

    12 September 2012 at 11:10

    really interesting

    • Miki

      12 September 2012 at 11:19

      Thank you, Jonathan!


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