Zundert and the Romanian store

13 Sep

3. The last post about Zundert, in case you are waiting for the English translation of it, is about the Romanian store in Zundert.

As it is quite a big text, I would only translate it if there are non-Romanian readers who really are interested in this store which sells Romanian food and drinks in the Netherlands. All in a very typical Romanian way, with a receipt you can barely read and which only contains prices, no product names, with food you craved for and which, once tasted at home, turns out to be horrible, or other food you craved for but which will be available “next week”, with Romanian men hanging out in the store and drinking beer with the owner…

Still, such a store can be good and it probably is appreciated by the Romanians working in the neighbourhood.

For everyone reading this who now thinks: “What a delightful store, where can I find it?”, if you get to Zundert follow the main road crossing it, it is full of stores and the Romanian one is across the street from the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn.

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