The Netherlands at Eurovision 2013

21 Oct

One of the week’s majour news is related to Holland’s participation at the Eurovision Song Festival in 2013.

After several discussions, the Dutch singer Anouk (whom you must know already) has decided to represent the Netherlands in Sweden next year.

Very unusual, as she will not only use her own song, but there also will not be a preselection, as in the previous years. These were Anouk’s terms and it seems like the Netherlands want to have real chances, so that the conditions were met. At the end of February we will hear which song will be sung by Anouk in Malmö, she claims it is a “killer song”.

In the last 8 years the Netherlands have not succeeded to reach the final of the festival.

I am an Anouk fan so I expect great success from her. I don’t know how much is being heard from het in other countries besides the Netherlands, but here she is active and tickets to her concerts are sold in no time.

Here are a few of her famous songs, you can find more on the internet:

I can’t wait for the Eurovision to start, what do you think, does she stand a chance? If you will like her song, will you vote for the Netherlands?

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