One year of blogging

25 Nov

Precisely a year ago I published the first post on the blog.

In the meantime the blog has been visited almost 6.000 times and I am now writing post number 100.

But what is more interesting is to see how people came across my blog. Because WordPress is so cool and shows me what people are looking for on the internet (like on google) so that they get as answer, among others, a post on my blog.

I never would have thought, especially because I hadn’t heard of them before I came to live in the Netherlands, but the most frequent search term was “ice saints”. I was equally amazed by “stories about birds”, what can make so many people look for this?

Other frequent searches, but in line with the blog’s content were: “dutch music”, “holidays the netherlands”, “traditions holland”, “floriade olanda 2012”, “keukenhof”.

There were also a few funny search terms, like: “what language do dutch people drink” 🙂

Maybe the same person  also looked for “dutch people drink a lot of beer”, “dutch drink love coffee”, “dutch men and drinking” and “dutch people like coffee or tea more?”.

Another funny one was (I translate it from Romanian): “how can I visit keukenhof if it is not open”. Hmmmmm…..

Another search was for “very small toilets” – stop searching, they are here, in the Netherlands! 🙂

Dilemmas about the Dutch language: “how to pronounce v in dutch?” – that’s very easy: “v”.

Somebody else noted: “dutch language sounds weird”.

Although I write about the Netherlands, people found my blog by looking for “sweets from spain”. But also by looking for “romanian women use too much make up”.

Also, many people seem to be interested in “what do dutch like”, I guess because they want to give them a present.

A person couldn’t choose the language to write in: “how to tricoteaza a bag”. (“tricoteaza” means “knit”)

Other more vague searches were: “can one live in the netherlands” and “to visit the netherlands”, but also “how to write i’m sorry, i didn’t get to”. 🙂

Another thing I can see is the country of the readers. Well, I say the most exotic one was (were?) Trinidad and Tobago 🙂

I don’t want to be mean by exposing here these search terms, I’m happy that people found the blog and maybe they stick around to read some more.

I think it was a good blogging year, I had fun for sure. 🙂


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3 responses to “One year of blogging

  1. theforagingphotographer

    1 December 2012 at 13:26

    This made me laugh, especically “what language do dutch people drink”! 😀

    I don’t usually link to my blog on other blogger’s comments, but this is a post I wrote about the search terms that brought people to my blog. It was inspired by another blogger who also wrote about search terms!

    • Miki

      1 December 2012 at 17:14

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I had already read yours some time ago, it was an inspiration 🙂 but your terms were a bit more exotic. I have seen more blog entries about search terms, it is one of the fun things of being a blogger. A nice weekend to you! Miki


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