Dutch New Year’s Eve donuts

03 Jan

New Year’s Eve has passed, together with a typical Dutch phenomenon.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch donuts called oliebollen (oil balls) are on the menu on New Year’s Eve.

These oliebollen are being eaten also on other occasions, like when there are fairs or other street happenings, there is always also an oliebollen booth.


Maybe you are wondering what oliebollen are exactly, I will quote the Dutch writer Hanna Bervoets who wrote on twitter:
“Yes, we call them oilballs; they’re like donuts without a hole! And more grease. And no taste…Want one?”


The truth is that they are greasy, as they are imbued with oil, but they are not completely without taste, especially those with raisins or small apple pieces. And the simple ones are saved by the powdered sugar sifted on them. Their shape is undefined, as opposed to other donuts I know, this is due to the fact that the dough is dosed with the aid of a kind of soup ladle.

Every year the fryer of the best oliebollen is being designated, who, after receiving this title, can expect huge queues especially on the last day of the year. This is the way it happened also this time in Maarssen, where the first customers showed up already at 5 a.m. to wait for the oliebollen store to open at 6 a.m. The queue was several hundred meters long and the baker was prepared to work hard.

Other Dutch people make their own oliebollen at home, but I cannot judge which of them are tastier: the self-made ones or the award winning ones. We received some from friends and they were really good, crunchy.

Do you have a typical New Year’s Eve food?

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