Anouk for the Netherlands at Eurovision 2013

11 Mar

Today was the big day, after months of knowing that Anouk will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Festival, today we finally heard the song. I have written on the subject before, read it here.

The song is called “Birds”, it’s a ballad, which I somewhat regret, because Anouk is especially known as “rock chick”, she has many rock songs with more rhythm to them.

Anouk says that she wrote the song about two years ago and that back then she already thought that it would be perfect for Eurovision. The song is sad, which is no wonder, since it will be featured on Anouk’s new album: “Sad Singalong Songs”. I have listened to it several times today and yes, I think it’s beautiful, somehow dreamy, definitely dramatic, but how suited it is for Eurovision? I think we can only wait and see in May.

Anouk will sing during the first semifinal on May 14th. At the press conference today she affirmed that she would be happy if she qualified for the final. And, as she is an enfant terrible, she didn’t forget to mention that she will not join the parties and events preceding the festival, that she will not wear a dress or skirt, but something she feels good wearing and to ask what could go wrong? Since everything that could go wrong already did go wrong in the last years (for the Netherlands at Eurovision).

Anouk is singing the song live here, what do you think?

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