Some tasty things I eat in the Netherlands

24 Aug

Caution: This list is totally and completely based on my personal taste and findings.

Elstar apples – with just the right crunchy bite and sourness (I am a fan of sour stuff) – at the moment not available at our Albert Heijn supermarket, so I am waiting for the new harvest and have to do with replacements like Jazz apples, which are of the right taste but too hard for my taste. The Elstar is a Dutch apple sort, by the way.

Calvé LIGHT Pindakaas = peanut butter (pindakaas is actually translated as peanut cheese) – with the light blue cap. I have had peanut butter for the first time in my life here in the Netherlands and this one is really good, I like it on a Wasa sesame cracker. The non light (regular) variant with the brown cap is not edible, I find, much too intense and fat.


Tasty Tom tomatoes – I have mentioned them before, they are full of sweet tomato taste, I can eat them every day. And I almost do 🙂P1180688

Albert Heijn Feta – especially if you are Romanian and missing telemea cheese, like me 🙂 I was very happy with Dodoni Feta, a real Greek feta cheese, very telemea-like, because it missed the creamy character of most feta sorts. But about a year ago it disappeared. I have at that point made use for the first time of the Q&A section of the supermarket, leaving my question behind as to what is happening with my beloved feta.


I checked several times and I think 1,5 week later the answer appeared: it is no longer available. The picture’s poor quality is due to my not daring to use the flash while taking it:

Well at that point I was seriously disappointed, but in the mean time, having been on holiday in Greece this summer, I have seen Dodoni feta there with my own eyes, even in the airport store. So I question the answer the supermarket gave me. Meanwhile I had tested several feta qualities and found that the supermarket’s own brand, Albert Heijn, is also a good replacement of telemea. And here, I almost dare to bet, lies the right answer to my question: “We are not selling Dodoni anymore, since we have copied it and are selling it ourselves”… I eat it along with the Tasty Tom tomatoes and maybe a slice of salted buttered bread


Bonne Maman raspberry jam – It might be that I am getting wiser as I am getting older, but I have recently decided to stop trying jams made of anything but raspberries. Every time it only makes me realise that my favourite is still raspberry jam. I am not completely hooked on Bonne Maman, although I find nothing wrong with it, but I might give another brand a chance, as long as it is raspberry. I am also not frequently eating jam, but for the few times when I do, it’ll only be raspberry, so you know! 🙂



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One response to “Some tasty things I eat in the Netherlands

  1. Teo

    24 August 2013 at 15:29

    Bonne maman! Love it! Mi-am adus din franta dupa care am gasit si in germania.


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