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Only in the Netherlands: police rats

Two weeks ago, among other depressing news like the never ending economic crisis, Syria etc. there was a piece of news about the rats that will be used, for the first time worldwide, by the Dutch police for detecting certain substances like gun powder. It appears that rats have a much better developed sense of smell compared to the dogs that were used until now, they are also cheaper to keep and can be trained within weeks (dogs take years to train). A rat which smells a suspect can give a result within minutes. Incredible rats, don’t you think?

 If the idea of rats only makes you think about pest and other filthy things, maybe this picture of the rats’ trainer will make you change your mind:


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Numai in Olanda: sobolani politisti

Acum doua saptamani, printre stirile sobre despre criza economica fara capat, Siria si alte motive de depresie, s-a aflat o stire foarte simpatica despre sobolanii pe care politia olandeza, in premiera mondiala, ii va folosi in detectarea anumitor substante precum praful de pusca. Pare-se ca sobolanii au un simt al mirosului mult mai bine dezvoltat fata de cainii folositi pana acum, sunt mai ieftini de intretinut si pot fi dresati in cateva luni (cainii au nevoie de cativa ani). Un sobolan care adulmeca un suspect poate da un verdict in cateva minute. O minunatie de sobolani, nu vi se pare?

Daca ideea de sobolan va duce cu gandul la ciuma si mizerie, poate poza asta care a insotit stirea pe internet o sa va aduca la ganduri mai bune:


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Kruidnoten in August???

Va prezint o traditie olandeza care se repeta in fiecare an, ca orice traditie care se respecta.

Asadar, in fiecare an, olandezii sunt scandalizati de aparitia mult prea timpurie a produselor tipice pentru sarbatoarea Sinterklaas (5 decembrie) sau pentru alte sarbatori.

Pe twitter, alte site-uri sau in viata reala, olandezii sunt de fiecare data exasperati pentru ca produsele respective apar in magazine cu luni inainte de sarbatoarea cu pricina. Si fiecare olandez isi inchipuie ca e primul care le descopera si care, din acest motiv, are toate drepturile sa se planga cu foc.

Nu sunt olandeza, ce-i drept, dar sunt sigura ca am fost prima care am detectat inca in august, pe data de 30, kruidnoten, care mie imi plac, asa ca am si cumparat prima punga 🙂


Introducing a Dutch tradition which repeats itsself every year, like every serious tradition.

So, every year, the Dutch are shocked by the fact that holiday related items appear in shops way too early, like the ones for Sinterklaas (December 5th) or for other holidays.

On twitter, other sites or in real life, the Dutch are expressing their dissatisfaction because these products can be bought already months ahead. And every Dutch person believes that he or she is the first one to spot them every year and therefore thinks that he/she has every right to complain publicly.

It’s true I am not Dutch, but I am convinced that I was the first to spot still in August, the 30th, kruidnoten, which are my favourite Sinterklaas product, so I bought the first bag already 🙂



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