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Eva Simons (bilingual post)

Va suna cunoscut numele? Daca va zic ca e cantareata cu o creasta tare originala si va mai copiez aici si videoclipul ei (impreuna cu, o recunoasteti?

Does the name sound familiar? If I tell you that she is the singer with a very original mohawk and I copy here for you her video (together with, do you recognize her?

Ce nu stiati, poate, este ca este olandeza si, dupa ce am vazut un interviu cu ea, va mai spun si ca este teribil de simpatica. Si ca isi tapeaza si fixeaza singura creasta, ceea ce mi se pare destul de impresionant.

What you might not know is that she is Dutch and, after seeing an interview with her, I can tell you that she is also extremely likeable. And that she styles the mohawk herself, which I find very impressive.

Poate cunoasteti si aceasta melodie a ei, in colaborare cu DJ-ul Afrojack?

 Maybe you also know this song of hers, together with the DJ Afrojack?

Ca sa va bag in ceata total, stiati ca Afrojack este si el olandez? Daca nu, nicio problema, de altfel, cand s-a cunoscut Eva cu Afrojack, si-au vorbit in engleza, pentru ca nu stiau unul de altul ca sunt olandezi 🙂

To confuse you even more, did you know that Afrojack is Dutch as well? If you didn’t, no problem, in fact, when Eva and Afrojack met, they spoke English because they didn’t know that the other was Dutch 🙂

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The Netherlands at Eurovision 2013

One of the week’s majour news is related to Holland’s participation at the Eurovision Song Festival in 2013.

After several discussions, the Dutch singer Anouk (whom you must know already) has decided to represent the Netherlands in Sweden next year.

Very unusual, as she will not only use her own song, but there also will not be a preselection, as in the previous years. These were Anouk’s terms and it seems like the Netherlands want to have real chances, so that the conditions were met. At the end of February we will hear which song will be sung by Anouk in Malmö, she claims it is a “killer song”.

In the last 8 years the Netherlands have not succeeded to reach the final of the festival.

I am an Anouk fan so I expect great success from her. I don’t know how much is being heard from het in other countries besides the Netherlands, but here she is active and tickets to her concerts are sold in no time.

Here are a few of her famous songs, you can find more on the internet:

I can’t wait for the Eurovision to start, what do you think, does she stand a chance? If you will like her song, will you vote for the Netherlands?

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Little Green Bag (ENGLISH POST)

One of my all time favourite songs is the one in the title: Little green bag. I think it is very cool and I just love it, especially the intro I find very ingenious.

The song belongs to the band George Baker Selection.

And if, although I cannot imagine such a thing, it doesn’t ring a bell for you maybe the video below will? If you like Tarantino or if you have ever seen Reservoir Dogs, I’m sure you’ll remember it. I always watch the beginning of the movie when it comes on tv and wait to hear the song:

And because it is one of my favourite songs, for a long time I couldn’t believe that it’s a Dutch song! And that George Baker isn’t George Baker, but Hans Bouwens!
Reading on the internet I’m even more amazed: it is not only true, but the song was written as a sort of a joke, during only one hour, and it had such success in 1969/1970, that Hans Bouwens was able to quit his job at a factory and make music exclusively.

It is funny to watch the video from back then, still black and white:

But I believe that another song of theirs which was even a bigger hit in 1975 will sound familiar, but let’s be fair, the difference of styles is huge between the two songs, I still can’t believe Little Green Bag is the product of the same band 🙂

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