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Hitul olandez al verii 2015: ANOUK New Day

Vacanta noastra a trecut deja, dar vara tot mai e si ma gandesc si la cititorii mei care poate mai pleaca in concedii, asa ca: va prezint o melodie buna de un road trip, o seara lunga pe afara, o zi la soare… vedeti voi la ce o folositi, cert e ca mi se pare perfecta pentru o vara calduroasa (cum avem pe ici pe colo prin Olanda anul asta):

Aceeasi neobosita Anouk, dar parca un alt sound, cert e ca e olandez.


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Kenny B. – Mare hit mare despre Paris

Daca tot am scris despre Trijntje, sa raman in sfera muzicala olandeza si sa va prezint un mare hit pe meleagurile olandeze de cateva saptamani.

Chiar daca textul e olandez, melodia cred e destul de simpatica incat sa va placa.

Daca nu, macar Kenny B. e simpatic si videoclipul filmat in Paris in care incearca sa convinga o duduie sa ii vorbeasca olandeza… nu poate pica greu nimanui 🙂


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Olanda va pregateste ceva pentru Eurovision 2015

In caz ca nu a ajuns si la voi aceasta stire, saptamana asta am aflat cum s-a pregatit Trijntje Oosterhuis pentru participarea la Eurovision de saptamana viitoare.

Si anume s-a gandit sa faca furori cu decolteul acesta, mult discutat in ziua in care au aparut imagini cu rochia in cauza:

Avand voce buna, as zice ca nu are nevoie de artificiul asta. Plus ca nici cantecul nu e rau deloc, desi la inceput nu ma prinsese, intre timp as zice ca merge.

Se pare ca la aceeasi concluzie a ajuns si ea sau echipa care se ocupa de prezenta ei la festival, pentru ca azi a repetat in alta rochie, mai putin socanta.

Ramane sa vedem ce va face saptamana viitoare, pana atunci poate vreti sa o vedeti live la The voice of Holland cu melodia Walk Along pe care sigur o veti vota, nu-i asa? 🙂


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Summertime in Dutch Limburg




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Campuri olandeze cu flori / Dutch flowerfields

Cum sa nu iti placa tara asta cu florile ei dementiale?
Sambata am ajuns in Callantsoog, un sat la mare, in vestul Olandei, cred ca cel mai nordic loc in care am fost pana acum in Olanda. Am vazut la televizor cu o zi inainte ca este o zona cu multe campuri cu flori, noi le stiam doar pe cele din jurul parcului Keukenhof, mai sudic deci. 

Asa ca am combinat o plimbare cu masina printre campuri in multe culori vesele cu o plimbare pe malul marii, scurta, pentru ca era o zi cum numai olandezilor le place ca sa o petreaca la mare: cu vant, vezi aici mai multe despre placerea asta olandeza.

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How could one not like this country with its incredible flowers?
On Saturday we went to Callantsoog, a village at the seaside, in the west of the Netherlands, I think the most northern place I have visited so far in the country. I had seen the day before on tv that it is a region with many flowerfields, we only were familiar with the ones around the Keukenhof park, so more to the south.

So we combined a car trip around the colourful flowerfields with a walk on the beach, a short one, as it was a day only Dutch people can enjoy at the beach: with lots of wind.

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Kruidnoten in August???

Va prezint o traditie olandeza care se repeta in fiecare an, ca orice traditie care se respecta.

Asadar, in fiecare an, olandezii sunt scandalizati de aparitia mult prea timpurie a produselor tipice pentru sarbatoarea Sinterklaas (5 decembrie) sau pentru alte sarbatori.

Pe twitter, alte site-uri sau in viata reala, olandezii sunt de fiecare data exasperati pentru ca produsele respective apar in magazine cu luni inainte de sarbatoarea cu pricina. Si fiecare olandez isi inchipuie ca e primul care le descopera si care, din acest motiv, are toate drepturile sa se planga cu foc.

Nu sunt olandeza, ce-i drept, dar sunt sigura ca am fost prima care am detectat inca in august, pe data de 30, kruidnoten, care mie imi plac, asa ca am si cumparat prima punga 🙂


Introducing a Dutch tradition which repeats itsself every year, like every serious tradition.

So, every year, the Dutch are shocked by the fact that holiday related items appear in shops way too early, like the ones for Sinterklaas (December 5th) or for other holidays.

On twitter, other sites or in real life, the Dutch are expressing their dissatisfaction because these products can be bought already months ahead. And every Dutch person believes that he or she is the first one to spot them every year and therefore thinks that he/she has every right to complain publicly.

It’s true I am not Dutch, but I am convinced that I was the first to spot still in August, the 30th, kruidnoten, which are my favourite Sinterklaas product, so I bought the first bag already 🙂



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Some tasty things I eat in the Netherlands

Caution: This list is totally and completely based on my personal taste and findings.

Elstar apples – with just the right crunchy bite and sourness (I am a fan of sour stuff) – at the moment not available at our Albert Heijn supermarket, so I am waiting for the new harvest and have to do with replacements like Jazz apples, which are of the right taste but too hard for my taste. The Elstar is a Dutch apple sort, by the way.

Calvé LIGHT Pindakaas = peanut butter (pindakaas is actually translated as peanut cheese) – with the light blue cap. I have had peanut butter for the first time in my life here in the Netherlands and this one is really good, I like it on a Wasa sesame cracker. The non light (regular) variant with the brown cap is not edible, I find, much too intense and fat.


Tasty Tom tomatoes – I have mentioned them before, they are full of sweet tomato taste, I can eat them every day. And I almost do 🙂P1180688

Albert Heijn Feta – especially if you are Romanian and missing telemea cheese, like me 🙂 I was very happy with Dodoni Feta, a real Greek feta cheese, very telemea-like, because it missed the creamy character of most feta sorts. But about a year ago it disappeared. I have at that point made use for the first time of the Q&A section of the supermarket, leaving my question behind as to what is happening with my beloved feta.


I checked several times and I think 1,5 week later the answer appeared: it is no longer available. The picture’s poor quality is due to my not daring to use the flash while taking it:

Well at that point I was seriously disappointed, but in the mean time, having been on holiday in Greece this summer, I have seen Dodoni feta there with my own eyes, even in the airport store. So I question the answer the supermarket gave me. Meanwhile I had tested several feta qualities and found that the supermarket’s own brand, Albert Heijn, is also a good replacement of telemea. And here, I almost dare to bet, lies the right answer to my question: “We are not selling Dodoni anymore, since we have copied it and are selling it ourselves”… I eat it along with the Tasty Tom tomatoes and maybe a slice of salted buttered bread


Bonne Maman raspberry jam – It might be that I am getting wiser as I am getting older, but I have recently decided to stop trying jams made of anything but raspberries. Every time it only makes me realise that my favourite is still raspberry jam. I am not completely hooked on Bonne Maman, although I find nothing wrong with it, but I might give another brand a chance, as long as it is raspberry. I am also not frequently eating jam, but for the few times when I do, it’ll only be raspberry, so you know! 🙂



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