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Paracetamol (update)

Anul trecut am scris despre leacul universal al olandezilor: paracetamolul. Vezi aici articolul de atunci.

De la stiri am aflat de curand ca s-au luat masuri in privinta vanzarii de paracetamol, in urma constatarii unei cresteri a cazurilor de intoxicare cu paracetamol: in 2011 s-au inregistrat 2088 la adulti si 674 la copii. De asemenea, vanzarile au crescut in ultimii ani.

Astfel, din 10 ianuarie 2013 este interzisa vanzarea cutiilor cu mai mult de 50 de tablete in magazine. Numai farmaciile le vor mai putea vinde.

Marea surpriza, sau dimpotriva, urmeaza acum: vanzarea mai multor cutii cu cate 50 de tablete ramane libera. Insa cu o conditie: cumparatorul va fi intrebat de catre vanzator care este motivul pentru care cumpara atata paracetamol.

Parerea mea: ori problema nu e cu adevarat o problema, ori nu se indrazneste luarea unei masuri mai drastice, de frica unui protest in masa.


Last year I wrote about the universal remedy of the Dutch: paracetamol (panadol). Read that here.

On the news I heard that measures have been taken concerning the sales of paracetamol, as the cases of intoxication caused by the use of too much paracetamol have become more frequent: in 2011 there were 2088 adults and 674 children affected. Also, the sales went up in the last years.

Therefore, starting January 10th 2013 boxes containing more than 50 pills may only be sold in pharmacies.

The big surprise, or not quite, is this: people can still buy several boxes of 50 pills each in the drugstores, with one condition: one will be asked what the reason of this purchase is.

In my opinion: either this is not a real problem, or the authorities lack the courage of taking a more severe measure, fearing a mass protest.


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The Paracetamolparadijs phenomenon

As one of the faithful readers of the blog remarked, the Dutch seem to have a word for everything.
Such as “paracetamolparadijs”, meaning the paracetamol paradise, which refers to an aspect which I noticed already since the beginning of my life in the Netherlands: every disease, every pain, every health problem whatsoever is being treated with the universal remedy: PARACETAMOL. Aspirines, Nurofenes, antibiotics, nothing can rise up to the superiority of the paracetamol.
Anyway, the Dutch are people who usually keep functioning normally when having colds or flus and are only prepared to go to the doctor’s in extreme cases, and if they are seen by a  doctor often they get to hear what they already know so well: that they should take paracetamol. You only get as far as antibiotics or any alternative to paracetamol if your case is truly desperate.
If, being a foreigner and trying to appear integrated by showing the Dutch that you are aware of the fact that you are supposed to take paracetamol, don’t make the mistake of saying: “I took a paracetamol”. You won’t be asked which concentration it had, it’s not important, the rule is that you have to take 2! Your announcement: “I took a paracetamol”, will always be followed by the the decided Dutch reaction: “Onel? Ooooh no, you have to take 2, always 2, otherwise they don’t work!”. So one doesn’t work at all, but 2 work miracles and cure you of anything.
I don’t think there is a house in Holland which doesn’t hold at least one box of paracetamol. Also because in Holland paracetamol can be bought at any drugstore and supermarket, not necessarily at the pharmacy.
It appears that it is also much cheaper than in other countries, I found an article dated 2010 which states that Belgians living near the Dutch border come and buy masses of paracetamol, even 10 boxes at a time, because of the small price. I even find that chronic patients came from Belgium with several busses to stack up on cheap paracetamol, the trip being for free  (organized by a political party). Also, I found that in Belgium a box cost 4,50 euro and in Holland 0,50 euro. The action was successful and the price of paracetamol was cut into half in Belgium.
From Germany so called “paracetamoltoeristen” are coming, tourists for paracetamol, because the German can buy only 20 pills without prescription.
In the Netherlands there has been a proposition to reduce the number of pills/box, because an average of 2.000 Dutch people get poisoned every year by using the pills too much and for a long time.
Although it wouldn’t be a solution, because you could still keep buying several small boxes.
Anyway, the proposition made in 2010 was not accepted, as it was considered that the consumers are also responsible for using the pills and they are well informed through the leaflets.
I cannot imagine the Dutch without their holy paracetamol, anyway.
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Fenomenul Paracetamolparadijs

Cum bine remarca o cititoare fidela a blogului, olandezii par sa aiba un cuvant pentru orice.
Asa si “paracetamolparadijs”, adica paradisul paracetamolului, care face referire la un aspect care mi-a devenit evident deja de la inceputul vietii in Olanda: aici orice boala, durere, problema de sanatate se trateaza cu leacul universal: PARACETAMOL. Aspirine, nurofene, antibiotice, nimic nu se ridica la inaltimea paracetamolului.
Olandezii oricum sunt oameni care de obicei duc raceli si gripe pe picioare si numai in cazuri extreme sunt dispusi sa mearga la medic, iar daca ajung la medic, de foarte multe ori aud ceea ce stiau deja din fasa, cum ca sa se trateze cu paracetamol. La antibiotice sau orice alternativa a paracetamolului se trece abia in cazuri clar disperate.
Daca, strain fiind, vrei sa pari integrat si sa ii arati unui olandez ca stii foarte bine ca e cazul sa iei paracetamol, nu face greseala sa spui: “am luat un paracetamol”. Nu te va intreba nimeni ce concentratie a avut paracetamolul, nu intereseaza, regula clara insa este ca trebuie sa iei 2! Asa ca, intotdeauna, anuntul tau: “am luat un paracetamol”, va fi urmat de reactia transanta a olandezilor: “unul? aaa nu, trebuie sa iei 2, intotdeauna 2, altfel nu ajuta!”. Iar de unde deci unul nu ajuta, 2 fac minuni si te scot din orice boala.
Nu cred ca exista casa in Olanda in care sa nu se afle macar o cutie de paracetamol. Asta si pentru ca in Olanda paracetamolul se cumpara la orice drogherie si supermarket, nu neaparat la farmacie.
Se pare ca este si mult mai ieftin decat in alte tari, am gasit un articol din 2010 in care scrie ca belgienii care locuiesc aproape de granita cu Olanda vin si cumpara in masa, si cate 10 cutii odata, datorita pretului redus. Ba gasesc chiar cum ca pacienti cronici belgieni au venit in Olanda cu mai multe autocare pentru a se aproviziona cu paracetamol ieftin, calatoria fiind gratuita (organizata de un partid politic). Mai gasesc si undeva cum ca in Belgia costa 4,50 euro iar in Olanda 0,50 euro. Actiunea a avut succes si pretul paracetamolului a fost redus la jumatate in Belgia.
Din Germania vin asa zisi “paracetamoltoeristen”, turisti pentru paracetamol, pentru ca nemtii pot cumpara numai 20 de tablete fara reteta.
Si in Olanda s-a propus reducerea numarului de tablete/cutie, in medie 2.000 de olandezi fac anual intoxicatie de la paracetamol folosit abuziv timp indelungat.
Desi nu ar fi o solutie, pentru ca s-ar putea in continuare cumpara mai multe cutii mai mici.
Oricum propunerea din 2010 nu a fost acceptata, s-a considerat ca responsabilitatea este a consumatorilor, care sunt informati despre riscuri prin intermediul instructiunilor de folosire din cutii.
Eu oricum nu imi pot imagina olandezii despartiti de paracetamolul lor sfant.
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